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Creating a Life Worth Living: DBT Skills Group

Led by two licensed providers, this group provides participants with the opportunities to gain adaptive skills and practices in order to response to life stressors and cultivate joy and presence. You will learn how to become more present, increase communication skills and relationships with others, and stabilize your emotions by learning healthy coping skills.

Navigate to the link below to learn more and secure your spot for this group beginning August 2022!

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Mood Lifters

We currently are partnering with Mood Lifters in order to bring our community of clients access to this powerful group service that will give participants the opportunity to discover their agency to cultivate real change and improve quality of life — We look forward to supporting you! Take a look below for our group schedule as well as links to learn more.

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Mood Lifters Group
Status: Active/Virtual
When: February 28th, 2022
Duration: 15 Weeks
Cost: $200, Financial Assistance options available for those who are in need
Registration Required: Yes

We offer a cutting edge, science-based wellness program that teaches people how to live happier, healthier lives. Our comprehensive approach is designed to address the complex biological, psychological and social causes and consequences of mental health challenges. We help you take steps in all these areas toward better mental health. And, it works! Our research shows that participants typically experience decreased depression, anxiety or stress.

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Support Groups

H3 - Hope, Healing, and Health offers group sessions in order to support the needs of clients based upon specific need. Take a look below to view the upcoming group opportunities and get engaged today.

Healing Hearts Circle
Status: Active/Virtual
When: Every Second Wednesday of the Month
Cost: Free
Registration Required: Yes

Info: The Healing Hearts Circle is led by licensed therapist specializing in grief and bereavement. H3 is here to help you realize that you are not alone and recognize the powerful impact of support. This group will help you connect, share, and learn how we can work together to find the peace that you might be desperately seeking out. Do not feel the need to suffer in silence - allow us to help.
Healing Hearts Circle for Bereaved Parents
Status: Active/Virtual
When: Every Fourth Thursday of the Month
Cost: Free
Registration Required: Yes

Info: Are you dealing with the loss of a child? Feeling the pain and loneliness? H3 is here to help you realize that you are not alone and provide impactful support. Here you will be provided with a safe and supportive atmosphere to share your thoughts, ideas, and stories. In this group space you will also receive beneficial resrouces from trained clinicians and connect with parents who intimately understand where you are.
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