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Social Media and Mental Health

Beginning on March 20th, H3 - Hope, Healing, and Health will host a weekly psychoeducational group focused on social media and its impacts upon adolescent mental health.

This group seeks to create a space to process the following, but not limited to:

What implications does social media have upon our identity as people?
What implications does social media have upon our body image and sense of self esteem?
How does social media usage correlate with healthy/unhealthy choices made in daily life?
What is cyber bullying and how can it impact us as people, especially as adolescents
What impact does social media have upon our interpersonal connectedness with others?

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Auricular Acupuncture with Katherine Baetz

In collaboration with Katherine Baetz (LMSW-C, CAADC, ADS), H3 - Hope, Healing, and Health Inc. is now offering Auricular Acupuncture at our office located at 23100 Jefferson Ave every Thursday from 2-5pm beginning on June 30th.

Auricular Acupuncture is the stimulation of specified locations on the surface of the ear with five small, sterilized, disposable stainless steel needles that alter and improve bodily function.

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Creating a Life Worth Living: DBT Skills Group

Led by two licensed providers, this group provides participants with the opportunities to gain adaptive skills and practices in order to response to life stressors and cultivate joy and presence. You will learn how to become more present, increase communication skills and relationships with others, and stabilize your emotions by learning healthy coping skills.

Navigate to the link below to learn more and secure your spot for this group beginning August 2022!

Important Note: This group has been postponed from the original August start date and once the rescheduled start date has been determined, the sign up link will be posted here with greater information. To stay updated, view our monthly newsletter via the "For Clients Tab"

Mood Lifters

We currently are partnering with Mood Lifters in order to bring our community of clients access to this powerful group service that will give participants the opportunity to discover their agency to cultivate real change and improve quality of life — We look forward to supporting you! Take a look below for our group schedule as well as links to learn more.

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