Bethany Matus

Provider of nutrition services
Are you feeling stressed at the lack of guidance regarding your nutrition? Are you looking for improvements to help you feel better or more comfortable in your own skin? Are you searching for someone to listen to you and allow you to participant in your health journey? Nourished Living LLC was created with YOU in mind; I know you are looking to be an active participant in your health journey. I pride myself on developing DOABLE nutrition plans based on your unique needs; otherwise, what’s the point? Lets work together to help you meet your goals in a safe and realistic way! 1. Pick your plan — A la crate nutrition services or nutrition packages provided at a discount are available based on your goals. Accepting some insurances now! 2. Initial Nutrition Assessment — Initial visits are 60 minutes in length. The first half of the appointment, I will gather information to determine causes for nutrition issues and how best toimprove them. The second half is spent in nutrition education. 3. Accountability — You leave your appointment feeling ready to take on your goals, but a couple weeks in life may through some barriers your way. Follow ups are scheduled to keep you on track! 4. Dietitian in your Pocket — Secured Portal Access to send messages, track food and fitness, and review goals
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