Psychiatric Medication Management
Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners who utilize diagnostic assessment in order to determine the best form of medicinal treatment for clients when necessary. Provided by Motor City Medical Group.

Providing a balance between traditional and holistic care modalities, Motor City Medical Group, the psychiatric department of H3, develops an individualized care plan for your well being aims to provide state of the art, innovative psychiatric care.

What is Psychiatric Medication Management?

Psychiatric medication management is the process of working with a psychiatric nurse practitioner to ensure that your psychiatric medications are effective and safe.

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who is trained to provide care to patients struggling with mental health problems. These nurses are different from RNs in that they have the education and experience to tend to the mental health needs of patients of all ages. They are also qualified to diagnose patients with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, or eating disorders and prescribe treatment.

This may include changing doses, switching medications, or adding new drugs. During a Psychiatric Medication Management appointment, your psychiatric nurse practitioner will ask about your symptoms, how your medications are working, and any side effects you may be experiencing. They will then make recommendations about changes to your mental health medication list. Suppose you have never been on psychiatric medication before. In that case, your psychiatrist may prescribe a “trial and error” period where you will try different psychiatric drugs at different doses to see what works best for you. This process can be frustrating, but it is important to remember that every person’s experience with mental illness and medication is unique.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluations are the initial appointment you will have with your psychiatric nurse practitioner to collect your medical history, document your current medications, assess your symptoms, understand your needs and goals, and create a treatment plan for your medication management. These appointments last about one hour.

Medication Review

Medication Reviews last about 30 minutes and will review how your medication is working for you. This includes reviewing your side effects, your mood, your symptoms, and so on to see if any changes need to be made to best fit your medication needs. It is essential to have regular Psychiatric Medication Management appointments because mental health conditions can change over time. Medications that were once effective may become less so or may cause new side effects.

Meet Our Medical Director,
Dr. Robert Lagrou, D.O.

Robert J. Lagrou D.O. has dedicated his career to improving the care for patients suffering from psychiatric conditions and addiction.  He has served in a variety of executive leadership positions throughout his career.  Dr. Lagrou is board certified in general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine.  He completed Fellowship in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation from Duke University. He has received numerous awards for quality improvements and has been named as HOUR Magazine's Top Doctors in Metro Detroit. Dr. Lagrou currently serves as the State Surgeon for Michigan Army National Guard.  Dr. Lagrou believes in a holistic approach to patient care that combines traditional therapeutics with an integrative approach towards total mind and body health.

Dr. Lagrou oversees our team of psychiatric nurse practitioners who you meet with for your psychiatric medication management.

Meet Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
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