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What insurnace coverage plans do you all accept?
AETNA (Commercial Only - Not Medicaid), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield Smarthealth, Blue Care Network, United Healthcare Commercial, Medicaid (Healthy Michigan Plans: Meridian, Blue Cross Complete, Mclaren), Medicare, Medicare Plus Blue, Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Optum, Apostrophe, United Healthcare DSNAP
How long will it take for my insurnace to get verified prior to an appointment?
The process of insurance verification and its timing is contingent upon your current insurance provider, our current waitlist of clients, and your successful and accurate completion of intake documentation. We work adamantly in order to complete this process within 24-48 hours
What will therapy look like for me?
Our team of providers take great care in co-creating goals alongside clients in order to define the best pathway to success and goal acquisition. For each individual therapy can look very different, and at the heart of the process is discovering your agency to create the life you desire
What will my first session with my therapist look like?
Within the first session, clients will have the opportunity to: determine goals, process current challenges, review organizational policies and documentation, develop a meeting cadence based upon client current needs. 
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