Clark Engelbert

Nutritional Analytics
Provider of health consulting and analysis services
Have you experienced the frustration of not getting the answers you're looking for from the medical system when a health issue arises? At Nutritional Analytics we offer a simple and powerful test that reveals the root cause of your health problems. Once we reveal the root cause, we'll put you on a program that restores your health naturally and gives you back your life. We use a hair tissue mineral analysis to assess your biochemistry. This test is 97% accurate and is used in medical research and biological monitoring. A hair tissue mineral analysis is like your individual biochemical fingerprint. This means we give you highly specific diet and supplement plans based on your results. We understand you might need help along the way on your health journey. Implementing and sticking to health changes can be hard. That's why we're here! You will get free health coaching along with your test and custom plans.
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