Majorie Gatson

Certified 2nd Degree Reiki Healer
Intuitive Reader, Astrologer, and Energy Healer
Majorie is an intuitive reader with over 16 years of experience reading and teaching tarot and astrology. Majorie believes that connecting your intuition through the use of divination, provides you with profound insight on your life path and inspires immense growth through self-development. Majorie’s personal practice of reading tarot is incorporating astrology into the language as well as the use of oracle cards. She uses these tools to help provide you with the best insight on whatever you are seeking guidance and counsel on in your life. Majorie’s reading style is very fun, relatable, and down-to-earth. Having a tarot or astrology reading illuminates your soul and is a very healing experience that will change your life in incredible and lasting ways. Before the session begins, Majorie will ask you if there is anything in particular you are seeking guidance on in your life. If nothing comes to mind, we can see what messages come through during the reading.
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