Rosi Reeves

Provider of faith based personal training and health coaching services
Dedicated fitness professional with an extensive background in personal training and a deep passion for overall health and wellness. Seeking transformative opportunities to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to establish and maintain a long-lasting healthy lifestyle, and to live their best life. I find success in my ability to stay organized in my tasks, push my creativity with an open mind to the ideas of others, and approaching each task with enthusiasm. Using communication skills to build a network of resources allows for easier adaptability to new trends in the industry creating a confidence in the material I am able to produce. Clients will be led through an initial consultation that will provide the opportunity to discover goals, hurdles, obstacles, and historical challenges with accomplishing fitness goals — in order to create a program what is individualized to each client. Clients will have the opportunity to work 1:1 with Rosi in order to determine a plan for accomplishing fitness goals together — alongside the integration of (but not limited to): meal planning, personal training, faith-led intention setting and mindfulness practices, and weekly coaching.
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