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Comprehensive team of providers awaiting to assist you on your journey to personal growth.
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Medication Management
Nurse Practitioners who utilize diagnostic assessment in order to determine the best form of medicinal treatment for clients when necceary.
Psychological Assessment
Psychological and Neuropsychological assessments administered to determine the best course of action for clients in order to cultivate growth and improve quality of life
Spravato Nasal Spray
Option for clients presenting with treatment resistant symptoms of depression
Integrative Wellness Services
Comprehensive wellness services aimed at improving aspects of life that extend beyond individual talk therapy.
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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
Administered by Neurostar trained professionals, TMS treatment is an FDA cleared option for non medicinal treatment of depression and anxiety
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Metagenics® Supplements
Metagenics® offers a wide range of products to support individualized nutritional needs. The right nutrition can make all the difference. That's why we partner with Metagenics.
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Naturopathic Medical Services provided by Dr. Danni Hamilton
Empowering clients to reach optimal health and vitality by individualizing support as a whole, for body, mind, and spirit through naturopathic medicine.
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The Flow

Intake Completion

Once you complete your intake forms, we are notified and are able to initiate the next step in this process. Please be mindful to complete the intake form accurately as possible as to not delay the process of scheduling.

Insurance Verification

Once the intake form is completed, we initiate a process of insurance verification. This is imperative in order to give our clients transparency regarding patient responsibility and charges for therapeutic services where applicable. Note that the time it will take to process insurance verification will be contingent upon your insurance provider


Once your insurance has been verified, we will reach out in order to set up services and provide you with patient responsibility where applicable. At this time you will be placed with a clinician of your choice, based upon your availability, clinician availability, and service of choice.

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